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Stone-plastic integrated wallboard is the longest used among all wallboard materials at present, because its hardness and toughness are balanced, and it will not be affected by cold and heat. No damage even when cut with a sharp knife

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Not only the price is advantageous, but also the construction is convenient
The construction period is short, and it is the material of choice for large-scale decoration projects. It requires almost no maintenance in the later period, and the maintenance cost is extremely low.

has the characteristics of green environmental protection, waterproof and flame retardant, quick installation, high quality and low price, and wood texture.
Compared with traditional wood decoration materials, WPC wall panels are insect-proof, termite-proof and mildew-proof.


Application Scenarios

Fashion space
This product can be used for multiple functions, and can be directly buckled, spliced, docked and other fantastic combinations. It can be spliced into many colors and styles. You can choose the style you want to decorate.


Easy to scrub without deformation
The surface of the product can be scrubbed directly with a cloth, which completely solves the problem of how to scrub the integrated wall decoration products. After decoration, don't worry about stains such as drinks, brushes, sewage, etc. will affect the appearance of the wallboard. As long as these stains are wiped in time with a damp cloth, they can be cleaned well to ensure the beauty of the wallboard.

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