Stone-plastic wall panels have similar processing properties to solid wood

Stone-plastic wall panels have similar processing properties to solid wood. They can be nailed, sawed, and planed. Generally, the installation can be completed mainly through carpentry. It is very firmly fixed on the wall and will not fall off. Compared with solid wood, it is resistant to strong acid and alkali, water and corrosion, and it is not easy to breed, not easy to be eaten by insects, not long, and has a long service life. It is made of green materials, does not contain toxic and dangerous chemical components, and does not contain preservatives, and will not cause air pollution. It is a truly green and environmentally friendly product. Because it has good advantages and performance, it only needs to be cleaned when it is used, and it is worry-free and labor-saving to use, and there is no need to worry about safety issues. And when we use it, we only need to pay attention to selecting qualified products. Stone-plastic siding is deeply loved by people for its excellent use characteristics. Today, we will share with you the precautions for its installation, hoping to help you.


1. During the installation of the integrated wall, starting from the top, the cut surface of the material must be straight and straight when cutting the board, and the measurement size must be within 2mm of error, otherwise it will cause uneven seams and affect the final rendering effect.

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2. Wall and background wall installation. In this installation, if you need to use internal corner lines, base lines, waist lines, door cover lines, window cover lines, etc., you must first install the lines, and then install the integrated wall. Stone-plastic wall panels are widely used in decoration, but its color matching is also very important. If you buy light-colored furniture, the color of the wall should also be light-colored, at least a similar color. A room facing the sun has plenty of light, so it is more appropriate to use cooler colors such as light gray and light green. Shady rooms should choose warm colors. The study room can use dark colors such as solid wood, and the dining room can use orange and other colors to relieve people's tension and have a soothing meal. In addition, the installation of integrated wall panels is also very important. The color matching of integrated wall panels can reflect the overall aesthetic trend of a family, which is also very important for the overall atmosphere of home decoration.

Post time: Dec-01-2022