Waterproof Indoor Wall Decoration Material Stone-Plastic Wall Panel,Stoneware 400-7, round hole, V-seam

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Stone-plastic integrated wall panels have the characteristics of waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, fire-proof, flame-retardant, etc., no cracking, no deformation, no expansion, strong product plasticity, no pollution, no pollution, no maintenance and maintenance, easy installation, and high construction efficiency.

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Sound insulation
The sound insulation test is 29 decibels, which is equivalent to the sound insulation of a solid wall. For example, it can obviously solve the underwater noise of the sewer when it is used in the toilet. It can also be applied to various soundproof rooms in factories. This can give workers a good working environment, and it is also very applicable in public places such as hotels, hotels, KTVs, and bars.

Fire protection
Pass the test to reach the b1 fire protection level, how does the composite wall meet the fire protection requirements of the project. For some factories and houses, it is a satisfactory decoration material. Especially in pursuit of beauty and nature, many decoration materials are decorated with wood, which will make the fire resistance of the room worse. It is best to choose stone-plastic integrated wall panels.

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Application Scenarios

Waterproof and moisture-proof
This product has moisture-proof performance. In tropical areas and areas with heavy rain and high air humidity, the requirements for moisture-proof performance are very high, and stone-plastic integrated wall panels just meet the needs of these consumers.


Green environment
The installed room is environmentally friendly and tasteless. Don't worry about endangering your health.

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